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Gemma's Robin Print of Kylemore Abbey


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The Kylemore Robin has been a prominent character on the estate for many years. Whether bobbing between the tables outside the café or singing from the treetops as visitors around the corner get the magnificent full view of Kylemore Abbey. This charismatic little bird, as well as charming everyone who sees him, holds a deeper symbolism for those of faith. 

In Christianity, it is believed that the Robin got its distinctive colouring while sympathetically plucking thorns from Jesus' crown of thorns. The Robin also is known as a messenger , from those gone before and from Santa Claus, and is a bringer of Spring and a bearer of hope. 

True tp form, The Kylemore Robin proudly sits in a favourite location of his in the Character of Kylemore Collection. Taking his place in front of the Abbey, sweetly singing for all who pass.

Gemma Coyne a employee and past pupil of Kylemore Abbey created this lovely watercolour print  of the Robin in front of Kylemore Abbey.