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Large Poppy Vase


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The iconic red Poppy, for such a delicate flower that only lasts a day it sure is hardy, they can often be seen growing randomly in cracks in the pavement . Long ago in Ireland the Poppy was known as the ‘Witches Flower’ for the Irish name ‘cailleach dhearg’ translates to ‘Red Hag’. Make a Statement in your home with one of these wonderful coveted pieces.

Square Vase decorated with bright red hand formed Poppies and trademark ladybird and occasionally butterflies too. Bring a bit of the garden indoors. These vases have a wonderfully calming, happy feel to them that will brighten up any room. They make an ideal wedding gift, birthday or house warming gift or simply a gift just for you.

This image is an example of a Poppy vase. Each piece is handmade so there will be variations as no two pieces are ever the same.

Size: Large base 10cm x 10cm, approx. 31cm tall

Small base 5cm x 5cm, approx. 21cm tall