Novena Booklet of St Benedict


St. Benedict's feast day is July 11th but you can pray the St. Benedict Novena for any reason that you want, so go ahead and start praying!

St. Benedict is a popular saint, known primarily for the Benedictines, who are named after him, and for composing the Rule. All italicized words in the novena prayers are quotes from the prologue of Benedict’s Rule, so that we may not only ask for his intercession, but also ask him to pray with us using the words he himself wrote. The Rule combines spiritual and administrative wisdom to provide guidance for the religious who wish to follow the monastic lifestyle. It includes a schedule for daily life tasks such as when to pray, work, and sleep. Many religious orders around Benedict’s time adopted it for their own religious orders and many still use it today. But it is not just those in religious orders whose lives seem to follow some kind of “rule.” This novena will pray for all those who are subject to and disciplined by schedules, either in accordance with or against their wills.