Ladies Ash Wooden Watch


Ash Watch

The common Ash is Ireland's most common, tallest native tree. It is a deciduous tree and after it has been cut down, it is able to re-sprout and start growing again.


The wood is commonly known for making Hurleys, because of its strength and flexibility 

 The Ash tree was sacred to our ancestors. They believed the Ash held powers of protection

This Ash wood comes from a small village outside the City of Galway called Claregalway or Baile Chláir as it’s known in Irish. Its name comes from the river that runs through it called The River Clare. Baile Chláir (Town on the Clare), Its Castle was the chief fortress of the powerful Clanricard de Burgo or Burke family, The Claregalway friary was founded for the Franciscan order in the diocese of Annaghdown 1250 by John de Cogan, an Anglo-Norman knight. 


Case diameter


Case thickness


Wood Type

Irish Ash

Strap material




Water Resistance

Splash proof